If you are big lover of online slots then let’s together discuss some 13 exciting and fun-filled things you really need to know about online gaming. They are facts and tips that add fun to your gaming experience. Some are myths you need to understand in order to dispel superstitious beliefs about betting.

  1. First, know that the online casino is an establishment that is perfectly fair. That is true since the numbers obtained from the spins are a function of the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG was invented to ensure honesty in online gambling.
  2. We also have to accept the fact that not all online slot machines are designed to be equal. The RNG runs a program that pays less than 100% to ensure the casinos make profit. Online casinos can hit a peak payment of 98% and still reap sufficient profit to run the house.
  3. Don’t get caught with the wild belief that when an online slot machine has not paid out in the recent past that it is “due”. The spins that you will take are purely random. That means that the number of losses a player gets cannot determine how close a jackpot is.
  4. Another common superstition is the idea of “hot streak”; this is the belief that shifting to another slot machine following a win can add luck. This doesn’t by any means increase the chances of winning. The probability of hitting that coveted jackpot is more or less the same.
  5. Also, don’t buy the belief that the casino owners can change the percentage payback. Online gaming regulators ensure that unscrupulous practices are not allowed; best online slots follow rules and regulations, and that allows a range of 85% to 96% payback range.
  6. Hopefully, you are aware that when scouting around for the best slots online that there are two jackpots: progressive and flat-top jackpots. A progressive jackpot will continue to grow until someone scoops it. The jackpot takes a portion of each loosing player’s bet and adds it to the jackpot till it is won. For the flat-top jackpot machine, a limit to the jackpot payout is fixed.
  7. Did you know that choosing whether to bet lowest or highest presents a challenge to many gamblers? Try to always bet maximum when playing progressive jackpot slot games. This is because only the maximum bet is eligible for the growing jackpot. For flat-top slot game, enjoy betting low many but times.
  8. The best online slots are those with 95% payouts or higher, so ensure you check that your game falls in that range before placing a bet.
  9. Your psychological mind frame when betting should be set to seek fun and excitement rather than profit. This makes you prepared to lose some bucks without losing tempers; you also get to view winning a jackpot as a reward for your patience.
  10. You also need not to get furious over the gamer who just hit the jackpot after you left. The RNG keeps generating numbers even if no one is playing. So your winning is about the exact betting time rather who came after who. That implies, had you continued playing, chances are very thin that you could have placed your bet at the very microsecond the machine generated a jackpot.
  11. Try dispelling the misleading belief that some machines are designed to offer more jackpots than others. They all use the RNG, offer progressive or flat-top jackpots and have preset percentage payout; the rest is constant luck!
  12. There are also those bad times you will have to forfeit the jackpot you just won if the betting machine just stopped the payout due to a malfunction.
  13. The last concept to think about is a small but powerful tip; choose the best online slots and spin within your gambling limits. Never break your time or financial budget.

Have a lucky spin!

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