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Jess Pitt

You Can’t Beat A Bit of Bully With The New Bullseye Video Slot

Who can ever forget the late great Jim Bowen, Tony Green and the bendy Bully’s? Sunday night was not the same without your weekly fix of Bullse...
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The Best Slot In The Galaxy? StarDust Hits Casinos This December

The size of the Cosmos is startling. Even smaller structures like our own Solar System remain almost impossible to imagine, but what isn’t ...
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Will You Be The Next Slot-Playing Basketball Star?

On the face of it, Basketball is a somewhat odd game. Its best players are amongst the most genetically unusual athletes in the world and although ...
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Don’t Fear Theia – Titans of the Sun Theia Offers Divine Slot Experience

If you didn’t know already, Theia (and her brother Hyperion – the subject of the other slot in this series) were two of the original twelve ...
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Celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup with Rugby Star Slot

This autumn sees one of the biggest sporting events in the world take place as the Rugby World Cup kicks off in England. Twenty of the world’s ...
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