The size of the Cosmos is startling. Even smaller structures like our own Solar System remain almost impossible to imagine, but what isn’t difficult to imagine is a brand new space-themed slot that takes a whole new approach to free spin gaming.

That slot is the StarDust slot and it is here just in time for Christmas.

StarDust is a slot that will immediately appeal to slots fans given its unusual features. First up, it is a 5×4 slot with 40 paylines on every spin in the base game. The reels are packed with the usual playing card low symbols, but a host of Gems offer higher payouts and also serve as the food for the ever growing Galaxy.

The Galaxy symbol is important as when it appears on the third reel it collects the Gems shown on other reels, storing each gem in the StarDust Meter. As the meter grows in size, so does the cash prize it offers until you get between 10 or 13 gems collected when the Free Spins round is triggered.

You receive one free spin per gem the galaxy collects as well as a cash payout and that is not all. During free spins all Wild symbols are stacked 12-high across the reels and when you land a winning payline of 3 or 4 spins, you trigger the Radiant Respin feature, which spins the reels not involved in the winning payline once again to see if they can increase your win.

This is a fantastic new way to access free spins and allows players to give themselves a shot of earning some potentially huge payouts; the jackpot in the game is a fantastic 100,000 coins, which would be a welcome boost at any time of the year, let alone just before Christmas.

With fantastic sound effects, stunning visuals and an almost nostalgic feel to the slot, StarDust is likely to be a huge hit with all slot fans new and old.

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