Breakout the riches on the brand new Bust the Bank video slot!

There aren’t many occasions in life when you can rob a bank with two accomplices, gain access to a shed load of cash, take it away and put it in your real life bank account and to do this all perfectly legally. With the new Bust the Bank video slot from Microgaming however, that is precisely the opportunity gamers have!

Helping you in your attempts to procure your cash from the bank are two master thieves, Larry and Bob and with their assistance, you can maximise how much you loot from the bank while playing this beautifully realised and immersive video slot.

Bust the Bank is the latest video slot that offers the chance to win big by accessing the Free Spins feature of the game. This is accessed when the Scatter Bomb icon lands in three, four or five of the reels on screen and it immediately triggers 8 free spins for the user.

Best of all, if during the free spin section you hit another winning Scatter Bomb combo, you get another additional number of free spins added to your total, maximising your profits!

During free spins too, all icons on reels 1 and 5 are completely wild meaning they can be used to make up the highest possible paying lines on each spin!

In general play, the Safe Bonus generates an immediate coin win of between 1 and 6 coins whenever it appears on screen and if you land the Piggy Bank Smash feature on reel 3, then you can win a Piggy Bank bonus, which is increased if Larry or Bob are activated.

With costs from as little as 0.30 per spin and the top prize being a huge 135,000 in the Free Spin section, or 82,000 coins in the base game, this is an easily affordable slot that won’t break the bank if you want to play Bust the Bank!

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