Red Hot Devil is the latest Microgaming slot game and it will not disappoint fans of the franchise. The interface lives up to its name- bright red flames, venomous snakes, poisonous scorpions, even fiery cherries and kissable lips. In addition to a bright, exciting design, the music is rocking (so don’t come a knocking- unless you want big wins that is!) It’s sexy, it’s dangerous, but most of all it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

A user-friendly 5 x 3, 25 line playing field is always a slot gamer’s delight. Scatters, Wilds, and Free Spins are safely in place. Free Spins also offer Red Hot multipliers that can increase your chances of success by not only potentially doubling it, but could reach an exciting 10 times the jackpot! These wins occur depending on how much is bet on a pay line, though Scatters and Wilds can greatly increase your odds of hitting it big!

The allure of the sexy, finger-snapping She- Devil is the most fun! Her ability to make you rich will only further entice! She could land you quite a bit of lava- and scatters can increase multiple wins- up to 10 free spins! The potential jackpot is a tantalizing 105,000!

The Wheel of Fire is a really cool addition to the standard Microgaming slot game. With the mysterious Wheel of Fire, gamers have a brand new, edgy way of winning big. Referred to being a “Pick Until Pop” bonus, it’s an intriguing way to play. The afore-mentioned She-Devil shows us her orbs- nine of the ten land you some pretty sweet prizes- and the final one includes a pesky little Jester. But be careful- because this Jester will end your bonus game! You don’t want to encounter that funny little guy!

Red Hot Devil is a great game that carries on the exhilarating tradition of the Microgaming slot game community. All the perks and highlights of traditional Vegas-style slots are there, but the comfort of being able to pay in your home or on the go. With killer graphics and fiery gameplay, Red Hot Devil is a sizzling affair to be had.

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