How the Finer Reels of Life Video Slot, can really make your life finer!

For most people, the day-to-day toiling at work allows us only the briefest respite and the chance to indulge in some of the finer things in life. Of course, our hard work facilitates us enjoying these more frivolous items, but wouldn’t it be lovely if we could experience some of life’s more indulgent extravagances without having to toil at the office five days a week or more?

Well now you can thanks to the sumptuous new Finer Reels of Life video slot, the latest addition to the burgeoning online slot portfolio of Microgaming;  the world-renown online slot company.

The focus on the game is unapologetically hedonistic, featuring dazzling sound and opulent graphics to promote the pleasurable theme. Icons include Cheese and Wine, Chocolates, Coffee, Kings, Jacks, Whiskey and Cigars and of course the true icons of a dazzling lifestyle; Champagne and Diamonds.

This five-reel slot offers an incredible 243 ways to win and has no payline constraints, meaning the winning selection of symbols merely need to be aligned left to right anywhere on the reels, thus giving the player more opportunities to win!

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In addition to the paylines, there are host of additional features which can send the players potential winnings from the game skyrocketing! These include:

Bonus Stars – hit three or more of these and you get taken into the “Finer Features” section, which offers increasing bonuses each time you hit three bonus stars. The Coffee and Chocolate section features 10 free spins and a 5x multiplier, while hit 15 3 bonus stars and you enter the Champagne and Diamonds section with 25 free spins and a huge Rolling Reels feature, as well as a 5x multiplier for any wins!

With each win you work your way up the pay table with the chance to win up to an incredible 1,800,000 coins!

So why not see if you can strike it rich and enjoy the finer things in life with the outstanding new Finer Reels of Life video slot!

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