Microgaming is back and it brings along the Adventure Palace HD. Adventure Palace is a fan favorite classic slot game, which was redone by Microgaming. The new game is now available in HD, with a few touchups to bring it in line with the standard in slot gaming.

Adventure Palace is a 5 reel, 9 payline game; a format players have already learned to love. The modern version not only appeals to us but also to the slot community. It offers modern functionality and crisp new HD visuals.

The beautiful thing about what Microgaming did was, they enhanced the overall aesthetic appearance while staying true to the original game engine. The game is especially a treat because it offers incredibly attractive payouts. What made the game for us was the 15 free spins you get by triggering 3, 4, 5 scatters and the Elephant Wild symbols which double your wins when used in a winning spin.

Game’s Identity

Adventure Palace is a graphical marvel. Its beauty comes from its timeless design that has survived the tests of time and in the process earned itself a loyal cult following. A tropical theme is a delight, especially when you’re winning big and racking fortunes. But if lady luck isn’t on your side the same theme has a calming effect, helping us gather our nerves and play more patiently. Playing a game on a high definition monitor further enhances the overall experience.

The game brings a new soundtrack, though it’s pretty much based on the original score. It does however help you recreate that intense jungle atmosphere. The soundtrack and the visuals gel together brilliantly and create the perfect slot playing atmosphere.

The tropical-themed slots always bring a ray of sunshine when you play, creating a perfect environment to make a fortune. The game offers high variance in game play, it also offers great payouts with bonuses, and it’s definitely a must-try for all slot lovers.


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