Microgaming’s romantic Sweet Harvest ripening in time for summer

For those of us that live in the city, a break away from the high-speed living of the average urban dweller is always a great comfort to the soul. There is a simple, bucolic charm to more rural, rustic living that is very appealing. Throw a little romance into the mix and you have the perfect scenario for one of the summer’s sure fire blockbusting video slots, Sweet Harvest.

This fantastic new Microgaming video slot uses the end of summer harvest as its chief inspiration, sprinkling the game with an added layer of romance between the nubile young farm girl and her hunky macho boyfriend, the farm boy.

The slot itself is an Australian-style hybrid slot that boasts five reels and 20 different paylines available on each spin. With up to 100 coins allowed to be wagered per spin, it is also a slot that is perfectly suited to players who wager either smaller or larger amounts on each spin.

Sweet Harvest is packed with features and oozing the tempting nectar of bug cash wins. The jackpot is a whopping 400,000 coins in the Free Spins section of the game, with up to 50,000 coins available to be won during standard play. In addition, land the overflowing fruit basket on any slot on reel two or reel four and you’ll win a random cash prize immediately.

With bonus trigger symbols, stacked wilds radically increasing your chance of a pay line, a retriggering free spins feature to max out your winnings, a 2x multiplier (triggered by our erstwhile lovebirds), scatter symbols, a harvest bonus feature and free games aplenty, this is a slot that promises much and delivers more!

Some summer sees a poor harvest, but the summer of 2013 is promising one of the richest, sweetest harvests in many years, especially if you visit your Microgaming casino over the coming weeks.

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