Slot machines are one of the most popular of all casino games for their ease of play and the fact that they come with a lot of exciting features. They are also very popular online. While it is widely known that winning on slot machines, in casinos or online, is entirely random, they are still fun to play. Here are a few things one can do to increase the chances of winning.


Bet In A Certain Pattern

Establish a pattern of bets that allows you to continue playing for a longer period of time. Having a pattern of bets will allow you to have control over your bankroll. For example, if you win on a spin, you could decrease your next bet to the minimum. If you lose, you might increase your bet by one. It really doesn’t matter what the pattern is, but stick to it. You will play a little longer and may have a better shot at a larger jackpot. On online slots with scatters, you can win extras like free spins and bonus games. Keep those in mind as you place your bets.


Play Big Jackpots

Who doesn’t want the opportunity to win big? However, if you want to harness that potential, you have to play the big game machines. Playing a progressive machine offers the biggest opportunity of winning big. The payout is huge, often in the multimillion dollar range. You can’t win those big jackpots if you don’t play them.


Dispel All Myths About Machines

There is no magic machine. There is no hot machine or cold machine. The one that the guy in your travel club has been playing for hours has not hit the entire time. When he gets up to leave, you and several others sprint over to the machine to begin play. That machine has the same exact probability of delivering a win as any other machine in the casino. The same goes for online slots, so play games that are fun! Remember, no matter where you play, the objective is to enjoy yourself; slot machines can deliver on that objective in a big way. So, use a basic rule for play. If a machine is treating you well, meaning you are at least breaking even, stay with it, and enjoy.

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